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My name is Claire and I am the all rounder behind COUCHMAN:bespoke.  I grew up in Harlow Essex with a creative mother and an entrepreneur father.  After gaining a BA(hons) degree in clothing design and tailoring from Brighton University I ventured into the world and set up my C:b to combat the inequalities of the fashion industry I had been subject to.  Now with 20 years of retail knowledge and 14 years of tailoring experience behind me I feel confident in my ability to produce clothing that is timeless.  Clothing construction is a great passion of mine that sits juxtaposed with a strong interest in the environmental impact from the clothing and textile industry.  I aim to be a contributing factor in helping to reduce the environmental impact whilst educating people about the issue, and trading fairly within the supply chain.

COUCHMAN:bespoke is a social enterprise specialising in made to order contemporary tailored attire that is made from ethically sourced cloth and haberdashery.  The clothing is made in London, Britain by myself, inspired by our modern lifestyles and needs with clothing being worn from day to night.  The designs are focused on structured silhouettes with Japanese origami pattern making techniques.  Today we are nearing 4 years old as an alteration tailors and garment making business.  As of this year we separated our sewing classes from C:b and they will be conducted under Moxie Craft Ltd.


Garment Alterations Fitting
Bespoke Suit
Garment Alteration Fitting

Clothing shouldn't cost the earth which is why COUCHMAN:bespoke is dedicated to reduce the environmental and human impact from the clothing industry.  By creating zero waste through pattern cutting, natural dyeing and sourcing the most sustainable cloth and haberdashery we aim to have very little negative impact against the planet and local people.  Resulting in luxury quality British tailoring that is stylish and ethical. 


Throughout clothing manufacture there is a lot of pollution created such as CO2 from factory machines and transportation in between suppliers.  Chemicals from print, colour dyeing and cloth finishes are also deposited into the air and water ways after use.  The impact affects local people who have no choice but to bath and drink from it creating illness and birth defects.  Environmentally these chemicals will have a deep impact into the soil, animal health and into the atmosphere adding to climate change.

As part of COUCHMAN:bespoke's commitment to help people and the environment affected by the clothing industry we vow to spend our profits in the most beneficial way.



Donating Money towards the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Help funding for access to clean water for those using polluted water to drink and bath in.

  • To educate factories in the dangers and how to provent contamination.

  • Educate local people in the dangers of using such polluted water.

  • Fund the clean up to polluted waterways.

  • Educate people with skills to better themselves through work.

  • To give back to the planet.

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Tailor training academy

Teaching key skills in tailoring, design and business to those who want access to jobs and a career in the clothing industry.

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Driving the business forward through reinvestment

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100% profit made after each year

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Commitment to cut environmental impact through water use.


20,000 litres of water is used to feed cotton plants that will go on to produce 1 kg worth of cotton, this will then go on to be made into 1 pair of jeans or 1 t-shirt.  Cotton uses pesticides to ensure the crops grow year on year as farmers have all their money tied into the seeds.  Through this practice local waterways and soil become polluted creating a poor local environment that is going so far as killing people living nearby who have nowhere else to go.


This water travels into rivers, lakes and eventually the sea, harming more than just local people.  Once into the sea we are all at risk because rain travels.  COUCHMAN:bespoke is continually looking for alternatives to cotton and will only use cotton from remnant.


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COUCHMAN:bespoke is a social enterprise located in Tower Hamlets, and provides tailoring skills to people without work and those who wish to enter the clothing industry.  Within time we hope to be able to employ some graduates to work within C:b.  Until then we are linked with other ethical brands who could be looking for workers.

Traceability of the supply chain is most important to any ethical business.  This allows everyone to see where their garment has come from and who made it.  At COUCHMAN:bespoke we give credit to all who contribute in the construction of every garment produced.  This can be seen when scrolling over garments in the collections part of website and a personalised label accompanies every garment purchased.  Everyone in our supply chain receives a living wage for their work and involvement.

Sewing A Garment
Floral Suit Jacket
Garment Making



Our commitments to clean water, creating an ethical industry and reinvesting in local communities are ongoing with reviews every quarter and year to ensure commitments are upheld.  Improvements can always be made throughout life and COUCHMAN:bespoke  will strive to make improvements within itself and its suppliers. 

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Reuse, Repair, Recycle

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Cradle to Cradle

Garment Making
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