Bespoke Clothing Shop

A bespoke garment allows you to have input on the outcome of your garment style.  From cloth type and design to the individual details and whether it is full or half bespoke.  This service is open to men and women of any shape and size, taking 4 to 12 weeks.  A bespoke garment can range in price depending on the cloth cost and work involved in a more complicated design.  This is of course a premium service but it can still be tailored to your budget, from 1 change on our ready to wear collection, to a fully bespoke handmade garment.

Now you can design your own garment for your style and budget.

Everything is made with a sustainably sourced cloth and constructed by myself and one of my fine tailors in central London.

For every garment made a family is given 5 days of education in money management to prevent children from being trafficked.  Follow our progress in this giving so far through the Business for Good button below.


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