Business Timeline

Feb 2018

Start of work studio life

Arebyte Studios, London City Island

April 2019

First year in studio

An increase is seen in money intake and giving a percentage of profits to charity is started.

Jan 2020

First month working full time on CB

Starting the new year well with a rise in class uptake and VIP alteration clients.  Money intake is set to double than the year previous.

March 2020

Start of Corvid19 lockdown

Money zero.  The realisation and development of a business conducted virtually with clients.  First Virtual classes added online via Obby.

April 2020

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020

Co-host a virtual conference with top speakers from within the industry.  Alongside Where does it come from?, Remake your town, and Ethical brand directory.


April 2020

2020 Circuar Fashion Pledge

1. Enable take-back or resale: Bt the end of 2020, launch at least one method or partnership to enable ttheir customers to send-back or resell their used items.  

2. Design for durability: By the end of 2020, increase the use of non-blended materials, and/or modularity and repairability in their top 5 selling items.

2020 circular pledge.png

May 2020

Launch of Build your Bespoke Garment feature

Launch of Build your Bespoke Garment feature on website.  This new feature allows clients to design a garment for their own budget without having to speak to someone.  The feature is hoped to open up the idea of made to order without the fear of a huge cost attached.d

May 2020

Opening of Kent NHS Wedding competition

NHS Wedding give away opening to all NHS workers in Kent.


May 2020

Adding more virtual classes

Adding of more virtual classes via Obby.  Classes on making of garments and the longevity of garments.

June 2020

Join Biodiversity Pledge with Common Objective

Biodiversity x Fashion

June/July 2020

Review Corvid19 status

Reopening August 2020

July 2020

Change bank account to Triodos Bank.  The most ethical as reviewed and tested by Ethical Consumer .

Dec 2020

Review 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge

Measurable impact

March 2021

Review year 2020/21

Measurable impact