Cloth Sourcing




Couchman Bespoke is dedicated to sourcing true sustainable cloth.  There are some parts of a garment that are harder to trace through sustainabilty rules, and some cloth that follow our sustainable ethics better than others.  If you know of any better solutions or hear of a new cloth that we should check out and use please do let us know.  The world of sustainable clothing is every changing and developing which is great to see in a world of fast trend lead fashion.  Below are the people and companies we use to source our cloth and haberdashery. 

An organic and sustainble online cloth company who source straight from independent weavers.  There is a wide range of cloth types to choose from, with GOTs Cotton and dyes.


Crescent trading is a cloth house that sells fine English tweed and suiting among its range.  The owners are very well informed about the origins of these although the full history of each cloth is not always known.  Service is great and cut amounts can suit all needs.



Offset Warehouse is a soical enterprise which brings together a huge range of hand-picked eco fabrics and haberdashery.  Everything needed to create products that look good, with the ethics to help the planet and the people who produce the raw materials.

The sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation that initiates and supports projects which contribute to minimizng the environmental impact of industry and society.  To help companies, institutions and individuals to make better informed decisions when it comes to sustainability.


* With events to showcase new and innovative sustainable cloth;


Melanie Brummer is a Social Entrepreneur who uses textile experiences as a vehicle for behavioral change.

Ciré is a source for natural hand dyed cloth and English beeswax canvas.  Only organic & fairtrade cotton is used and sustainable besswax is sourced in the UK.  Waxed canvas is a great fabric to work with and to use, it is strong and waterproof. With age, it takes on a patina comparable to aged leather and you can re-wax it if needs be.  The waxed canvas I produce is unique and personal.  I only work with small pieces of fabric at a time, carefully choosing the dyes and waxes to create one-of-a kind bags.

The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is the industry body for sustainable fashion, representing over 10,000 members in more than 100 countries.  To support and promote ethical practices.