Hello East London and beyond

I am so happy to announce that Couchman Bespoke will be opening to in-person alterations and classes from August 3rd 2020.  With this comes some guidance that needs to be followed;

  • Do not attempt to attend a fitting or class if you have any cold or flu like symptoms, let alone Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Face masks or face coverings must be worn when inside.  These must cover the nose and mouth.  You will be turned away if not wearing one or you can purchase a re-usable one for £10.50.

  • There are sanitising facilities.

  • The studio has a 1 person per day minimum intake, so all bookings are on a first come basis.

  • I will be within 1 metre distance to you for fittings only, and will not be able to wear gloves during this.  (due to the nature of fittings) 

  • Clothes must be clean before I will work on them and you will be turned away.

  • A 2 metre distance will be kept at all other times.

  • Card payment is mandatory.


I thank all of you who have kept me busy during this pandemic, though I must say I have liked having time to think, pivot and add functions that were in my plan for future execution.  Couchman Bespoke has achieved a lot and I am personally excited to see you all, though there is a long road ahead for us before we are all totally free from fear of another lockdown.  We must all do our bit for people, planet and animals to continue in positive harmony.


With CB being a small business, I thank you for helping my achieve so much through our Business for Good initiatives, check out our progress here.  Have your say on the next charity we work with too.

Thank you for following our guidelines and for shopping small.  Do also check out our virtual and video classes if you wish to take up a new hobby but can not attend in-person.

Kind regards
Claire, Couchman Bespoke