Hello East London and beyond

I am writing today as there seems to be changes to the government guidelines that need addressing from myself as a business.

I am so happy that some people are feeling comfortable in themselves to want to come for alterations.  Even more so with CB being a small business, I thank you for wanting be apart of the community.

However, this is a global pandemic and I do not feel personally comfortable being so close to people yet.  As a business I would not be able to open until July, and even then I will review how I feel personally before opening for clients.

I keep my hours open as I can take in homewear or such products that do not need pinning by myself.  Though with this there will be a longer wait due to the 5 day quarantine your items will be put in before I work on them, I can not sew in gloves.   

I hope you can understand this and I wish to see you in person soon.  In the mean time I do have virtual classes running if you wish to take up a new hobby.

Kind regards
Claire, CouchmanBespoke