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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the mantras of sustainable living.  Fear not though being sustainable does not mean bland, stiff and old. 


Here are some useful links to eco, sustainable and ethical brands, organisations, groups, lifestyle boosters and more to browse through and spark inspiration.  Some of those listed will be greener than others or more ethical, you have the right to choose if you would like to purchase or be a part of them or not. 


Fashion Revolution started after the Rana Plaza atrocity happened 0n 24th April 2013.  This factory collapse killed 1138 people and injured many more.  The organisation is a source for ethical events, ways to take action and resources for further reading.

There is an annual Fashion Revolution week that has occurred every year since the collapse from the third to forth week of April.  This event is about show casing the makers of brands and asking the big brands '#WhoMadeOurClothes' and '#WhereDoesItComeFrom'


No Serial Number is a family-run print and digital magazine dedicated to showcasing and promoting small, independent designers, artisans, creative businesses, labels, projects and any other grassroots realities with a strong social, ethical and sustainable ethos.  No Serial Number wants to promote all those initiatives, realities and products that cannot be reproduced in series: rooted locally, organically grown, traditionally-crafted, hand-made, upcycled or recycled and made with ethics in mind.

Common Objective

Common Objective (CO) is an intelligent business network for the fashion industry.  Members have a common objective - to build successful businesses, with a positive impact for people and the environment.  Our ambition is to take sustainable fashion from niche to norm.



Ethical Hour is more than a facebook group for ethical business, Sian and her team are providing real change with every step they make by giving back to the planet and communities in most need.

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An independent, boutique design company, we specialsie in short run,  hand pulled silkscreen prints.  Utilising oversized images and bold, pop art colour combinations, all created here on the south coast, in our chaotic little studio.  Only the best natural fibres have been used to produce our combed cotton tees.  All our fabrics are reactive dyed to ensure colourfastness.  Head on down to Greenwich market to buy from the stall if in town.


The keep is a Sustainable & Ethical Clothing Boutique in the heart of Brixton Village.  Showcasing designers and brands from all over the world.

Vida is an all natural soap brand that is passionate about making positive choices in life, especially when it comes to skin care.  Our modern approach to skin care is based on simple, sustainable ingredients that invigorate your body and mind.  Our handmade soup is free of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.


We celebrate conscious living and champion only the finest natural ingredients in our soups.  Our biodegradable packaging is infused with wildflower seeds.  Toss it in your garden and support bee life.

We are a portuguese company that are dedicated to use eco-friendly materials to creat incredible fashion products. Fall in love by our shoes that can be customized.


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Fair Trade Fusion sells fair trade products and goods handcrafted by artisans around the world.  Currently only sold in the US. was launched by Stephen and Sam Ellis in 2005 with the aim of promoting organic, green and ethical lifestyles.

Consumer Advocate

Consumer Advocate is an organization that tries to make complicatec buying decisions, a lot simpler.  The team of writers and researchers goes through rigorous research and testing so you don't have to.  They recently focused their attention on solar energy system to help reduce electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint.  Their team researched 30 different solar panel companies, comparing and focusing on roof compatibility, panel efficiency and of course, customer service.  You can check out their resource here.



Manufacturers of natural colour with more then 40 products from for cotton, wool silk, jute dyeing and printing. This group is for sharing techinal processes and to discuss.

This group is to network and learn more about being eco-friendly from artisans and entrepreneurs interested in implementing environmentally sustainable practices and ideas in their work. Topics of interest are natural pigments/colours, eco friendliness of innovative/ traditional materials, zero-waste solutions, upcycling etc.

Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical, a project under Nordic Fashion Association: A community for fashion designers, people in the textile sector and concerned consumers who want more transparency in the fashion business.

Groups and Artists are welcome to join and help us collectively create with images of Textile Art work, exhibition info and general sharing of works. Don't forget to introduce yourself with a photo of your work.

A solo female travel blogger about cultural textiles, tribes and traditional dress.  With passions for exploring different cultures, countries and clothes.  Inspiration is found in fashion, fabrics, costume, patterns, people and places.

A year of an ethical lifestyle transition.  #YOEF pledge for 2017:
Buy from ethical makers, buy second-hand, make it myself, wear things I already own or borrow/ swap garments with friends.

10% of the world's waste originates with the textile industries. This page has been created to drive the awareness globally.
    Last year Melanie Brummer was gifted a stash of fabrics that were left over from a deceased estate. By printing onto these fabrics using her own hand carved lino stamps they are being re-invented into more useful designs and colours.  These will be sent out around the world to fiber artists and makers who will transform them into garments, quilts, fiber artworks, accessories and shoes.  The journey of these fabrics will be shared here.

Up Cycling with a passion because we only have one earth and she is our home.
Sustainable slow fashion and more from up cycled fabric and up cycled paper.
Welcome to Dreams&Aspirations exclusive designs!