Lessons in tailoring


During the current Covid19 global pandemic life, business and the future are taking a very different path.  In some ways the pandemic has allowed for a slowing of life's grind and allowed for other parts to develop.  Develop is certainly what Couchman Bespoke are doing right now.  The lockdown has accelerated the virtual side of the business with classes available through OBBY.co.uk (see below) and now some video classes available with a lifetime* worth of viewing follow the link below to the class you wish to take. 


Follow through the below links to the type of class you would like to take and there will be a link taking you to Obby and my page there, where you can purchase the virtual class from.  If you do not see a Virtual Class button and would like to do that class please do let me know. 


I thank you for your continued support during this time.  With every purchase made of a Couchman Bespoke service or product £1 in every £10 is donated to organisations doing great work within the Sustainable Development Goals for people, planet and animals.  Have your say on who we donate to next.  We also have our own Buy 1 Lesson Forward scheme to allow people from the local community of Tower Hamlets and Newham who can not afford a class to attend and gain vital skills for use throughout their lifetime.  We would be the most grateful if you could contribute.

*Lifetime depends on access to the site by us as a business