Make your Own


Learn to make a garment with a tailor for a garment that fits like a dream.   This course is to learn how to make garment of your choice from paper pattern to cloth.  Cloth can be purchased via Organic Textile Company or remnant sources via Amo Threads, The New Craft House.  Bring a readiness to learn and maybe a note book.  You will be learning techniques that align with your abilities.  We will begin with copying the garment on paper and build up to making it in cloth.  Be aware that this course length is based on a fairly simple garment style.  For any garment with layers, corset style or a jacket, coat etc, double the time will be required to complete.  Again if the garment is more complicated with layers, corset style or a jacket, coat etc; please book for 12+ hours.   As a business for good we collect donations for our Pay It Forward scheme to allow for people unable to afford for classes.  Pay It Forward