Make your Own Shirt

This class is for someone who has sewn anything using a sewing machine.  A shirt is not easy and for a slower sewer may take 3 sessions or more to complete.  In this class you will learn how to make a pattern block to fit your body, shape it to your desired style and cut and sew into a garment.  The class is split into 3 parts to give you time to soak in the information.  The time taken is down your speed and ability, you can complete anything at home if you feel confident to do so.  You may want to add a Learn to Make a Collar and Cuff on top to complete a full garment.  Take everything at your own pace and you will achieve the best learning experience.

This class is divided into 3 sessions, 8.5 hours total, as to not overwhelm. Though a block session can be booked just ask, but do be aware that you will be have to wear...
Sustainable Shirt, 1 to 1 class
2 hr 30 min

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