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The fashion industry takes so much from the world, 20000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton and 200 tones of water per ton of dyed cloth.  "85% of the daily needs in water for the entire population of India would be covered by the water used to grow cotton in the country.  100 million people in India do not have access to drinking water."  Stephen Leahy.  Let alone the impact from mirco fibres, low labour wages, horrendous working conditions and medical issues caused by the £25 t-shirt on your back.  Though that does not mean that the £100 shirt is any better, this is a system of destruction for profit of the big guys.  Couchman bespoke is working towards system change to reduce climate change.


B1G1 bring charities and organisations together that are doing good and who give 100% of the money to their cause.  For more information.


At Couchman Bespoke we pledge to give £1 in every £10 paid through alterations and tailor classes back towards good causes, such as clean water initiatives, education, reducing deforestation and helping others earn a living.  For every card wallet and note book sold £1 is given too.  You can have your say for the next round of giving which will happen every month.  See how much we spend each month and where through the blog and have your say on the next projects below.


You can also keep track of our impact belowSee how using our services helps people, planet and animals here

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See how using our services helps people, planet and animals here

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          Life Enhancing

Indonesia produces around 64 million tons of waste per year. Approximately 50% of this reaches landfill sites, the rest is either burned or illegally dumped and flows into the ocean. This massive volume of waste is now covering Australia’s northern beaches. A share of this waste is produced by hotels throwing away sligthly used products of the many tourists. ROLE Foundation collects and up-cycles slightly used hotel soaps. These are then sanitized, re-formed and distributed to orphanages rather than placed in landfills.

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          Life Enhancing


Orphanages, hospitals and village schools in Indonesia frequently lack the basic sanitary necessities whereas many hotels that cater for the many tourists throw away their slightly used soaps producing more and more landfill. The ROLE Foundation collects and up-cycles lightly used hotel soaps. These are then sanitized, re-formed, and distributed to orphanages rather than placed in landfills. Give people in need the chance the basic human rights of personal hygiene while reducing waste at the same time.

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          Human Rights

          Life Enhancing

MSRI'S Sahabat Healthcare Programme provides a broad range of services for vulnerable and at-risk refugees, most of which have no income. Their complex health concerns require multiple consultations across a broad range of health disciplines, which includes primary healthcare and basic mental health. Our services include free medical checks and medications by qualified doctors, free Emergency medical funds support, free Basic mental health and psychosocial support by qualified counsellors, referrals to hospitals and specialists and other services such as physiotherapy, yoga and meditation.

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Our Impact Commitments for 2020

Couchman Bespoke's main purpose is to help lessen the impact of the clothing industry on the planet and for those living on it.  We are committed to reducing the over usage of water and to eradicate the pollution of waterways around the world.  Through Buy 1 Give 1 we hope to find charities to work with who are working to reduce the effects of the clothing and textile industry in waterways around the world, especially in India, China and Indonesia.

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