Policies and Procedures


Swatches of cloth will be sent out apon enquiry to aid in your decission making before a purchase.  Before any alterations and providing no bespoke gradings have been made to a garment, i will send out your garment for you to confirm its acceptability.  Once any alteration is made a refund is not available.  All garments are put through a vigarous Quality Control check to meet our very high standards and to ensure longevity in wear.




Refunds will be given on garments unworn, unaltered and with all original packaging, up to 40 days after purchase.  The sooner the garment is received the sooner the refund can be processed.  This can take up to 10 working days depending on your bank.  Please keep all postal references in case of issues with the delivery.  A paid for return envelope is provided, please keep this safe.  Bespoke garments are non refundable due to them being made to your specific body shape.  Made to measure can be viewed before purchase at a market, fair or in the studio year round.  If you are unable to travel to London then swatch samples can be sent costing p&p only.  For more info.






Shipping costs depend on the distance, taxes and garment to send.  All care is taken to ensure a safe journey for your garment and to the environment with special attention to CO2 emissions, workers conditions and pay.



Made-to-measure alterations and Bespoke


We are often at markets and fairs across London or in our studio in Canning Town for a personal touch and feel of the garments. However if you are unable to visit London, swatches of cloth will be sent out apon request and enquiry into any garment to help you make a decision, at cost of p&p only.  If this is not enough, before any alterations have been made to any garment(s), your garment(s) can be sent out to you.  Garment purchase is required and up to this point a refund is still available.  However, once you sign over for alterations and bespoke gradings to be done NO refunds are available.  We work with the finest tailors who are expert in their field, along with our vigarous Quality Control checks we can ensure the longevity in wear of a garment.




Data Protection


All data collected through email sign ups, bespoke, made to measure and alterations is handled with the greatest care.  You are within your rights to not sign up for email newsletters.  Nothing is ever knowingly given out to third parties and we will take immediate action if this is breached in anyway.  Our computer system is protected with AGV Internet Protection and McAfee Security.  For more information see the Couchman Bespoke privacy policy.







As a business Couchman Bespoke is dedicated to reduce the environmental impact and waste created from the production of garments made under its name.  Water usage and pollution are of main focus within our business decisions and we dedicate a lot of time in finding sources who abide to the same or similar ethos.  Credit is given to all who take a part in the manufacture of every garment produced, through personalised garment labelling.  Resulting in quality British tailoring that is stylish and ethical.  Read More.






  • Everyone we work with is given sufficient credit, in pay and verbal expression, for the work they do toward the garment production process.  We currently use individual tailors within Central London to construct our garments in between their own other projects, until we can pay them full time to work directly for Couchman Bespoke. 

  • We are dedicated to work with the Tower Hamlets community and will be starting to train people in the art of tailoring, design, pattern making and sewing in mid 2019.  If you are interested in learning more please email for more information. 






  • If a garment becomes unwearable due to a manufacturing fault, within the first year after purchase, it will be fully repaired to meet our high standards and vigorous Quality Control checks, for free.  All non-manufacturing faults will be charged.

  • In accordance with our sustainable ethics any faults made during the time you own the garment, that are due to wear and tear are eligible for repair and will be charged appropriately.  This will also cost the postage of the garment to and from our studio to you.  If the garment is able to be repaired the time scale is 15 working days. 

  • Although if the garment is beyond repair; the garment needs large replacement panels, is worn beyond repair, would cost too much to repair; then we will offer to recycle it and give you 30% off your new purchase.



Garment Care


  • For the most ecological wash, only clean the areas that are most in need, on a regular basis; such as the neck, underarm, wrist and crotch.  Use a soft sponge with a hand wash detergent to concentrate the clean; do this for as many wears as you see fit before a main wash.  Putting your garment in the freezer over night will kill any bacteria, hang up the garment in the morning to reduce creasing; or hang up in front of an open window.  These tips will help to prolong the life of the cloth and therefore the wear of the garment. This is great for all garments.

  • For a main wash use 30* or less Machine wash setting with a medium iron and cloth to press.  This is great for MOST shirts and trousers, always check an individual garments care label.  Use a light detergent on a gental spin.  For stubborn stains concentrate a first clean by hand and then wash with a load.  Wash similar colours together.

  • For all garments containing plastic; such as polyester, organza, nylon, rayon, faux fur and taffeta as a single fibre or mixed with natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk. https://www.plasticsmakeitpossible.com/whats-new-cool/fashion/types-of-fabric/plastic-fabric-in-fashion-a-look-back/   There I ask you to purchase a Guppy Bag.  This laundry bag captures the micro fibres that are shed when washing clothes that contain plastics, these plastic mirco fibres may not seem much but they have been affecting our health since the 1980's.  https://pebblemag.com/magazine/living/plastic-clothes-fast-fashion




Cloth Sourcing


All cloth is soucred for its sustainablity and low environmental impact with special attention to non-water polluting types, to the best knowledge available.  If you have any further knowledge, recomendations or wish to get involved please do get in contactRead More about our cloth sourcing here.







Please send back your well used or just unwanted garments for us to de-construct or recycle the cloth into brand new items.  As a thank you for your environmental consciousness in recycling your old garments, you can choose from a donation to charity or receive a 20% off voucher code to use on your next purchase.  One voucher will be given per person every year, for use as one voucher per transaction.





As a business Couchman Bespoke is dedicated to reducing the use and pollution of water throughout the production process of garments made.  A percentage of all profits made will go directly towards water aid projects around the world.  With the aim to bring clean drinking water to all on earth, help in the technology advances to clean up waterways polluted through industry, educate industry about the disruption coursed and in best practices to prevent water pollution.




Eco Lifestyle Links


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the mantras of sustainable living.  Fear not though being sustainable does not mean bland, stiff and old.  I have a simply curated page full of useful links to eco, sustainable and ethical brands, organisations, groups, lifestyle boosters and more to browse through and spark inspiration.  Some of those listed will be greener than others or more ethical, you have the right to choose if you would like to purchase or be a part of them or not.  Eco Lifestyle Links