The ultimate men's guide to dressing for a wedding. 5 top tips from day to night guest attire.

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

1. Look Good Feel Good

Being comfortable in your clothes makes a huge difference in your overall feeling for the day ahead. Making sure your suit fits perfectly will often mean a trip to your local tailors or getting a bespoke suit made. A bespoke suit may not be top of your list for some wedding but if you have a few on the way over the coming year then the investment will really pay off. Men can get away with wearing the same outfit more than once with the addition of a new tie colour and style, a different pocket square and even shoes will turn a suit into a completely different look. If you opt for getting a suit altered make sure you go to a professional, yes this will cost but the end result will be amazing.

2. Matchless Head Turners

Juxtapose your pocket square against your suit and tie. go flamboyant and pick out a complimentary colour for your tie. A textured or coloured suit is a great way to show off some unique style, just make sure you are not showing the Bride and Groom, you should not be stealing the show.

3. Cooler Cooler

Summer weddings are the hardest to dress for. Do you ditch the jacket, can you wear shorts? Ask your hosts these questions if the weather looks uncomfortably hot. Otherwise an unlined lightweight wool or linen jacket will be a very good idea without a waistcoat. Also opt for a light linen shirt maybe without a tie, again if your hosts don't mind. Light shoes are far better than sandals, make sure they are of natural material rather than plastic for better comfort. Great colours for spring/ summer are cobolt blue, dusk pink, sea green, purple, golden yellow, orange, light brown and light yellow.

4. Warmer Warmer

Layer up for cooler nights as we head into winter, a waistcoat is a great addition for this purpose. As we head further into winter textures and rich toned colours are a great way to accent your outfit if not the suit itself. Think navy, plum, racing green, maroon, brown and checks.

5. Outfit top tips

Comfortable shoes are key to a happy day into night vibe. Use a hairdryer to relax the shoes and wear them around the house for an hour a day for about two weeks before, this will mean they are perfect for you to wear all day long.

Do not fill your pockets too much. A jacket can hide a wallet and phone, even a packet of tissues very well but an more and you'll look like the Michelin Man. Do not even think of putting these in your trouser pockets either, we do not need extra bulges please. A card wallet will do great.

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