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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

This week saw Couchman Bespoke join a great organisation for good business to give back to the world. Buy 1 Give 1 bring charities and organisations together to give back to the earth, animals and people living on it. The impact made with this first giving is so over whelming I still haven't fully taken it in. Charities working with B1G1 have to give 100% to the causes they support so I felt it so right to join them.

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After calculations I realised I could give £1 for every £10 paid for alterations and tailor classes. This actually goes rather far in the world of B1G1 so the giving that Couchman Bespoke can do is amazing.

For the Month of October we gave £50, from alterations, towards 365 days worth of clean water for children in Zambia and Malawi, retrospectively and 200 days of clean water in Tanzania. Plus 365 days use of a sewing machine for women in India and 1 patient in Borneo has had their treatment paid for which reduces the need for deforestation.

Tailor classes, £19, have paid towards 20 days sewing lessons for women and 12 days tailoring lessons for women in India.

With card wallet sales giving £1 per wallet, have given 16 educational tool kits to children in Kenya and Ethiopia.

See our impact

All of this is achieved with thanks to my clients and students who have chosen me. Be it because we are and ethical tailors or because the studio is convenient to them, they are now apart of this journey to give back to those less fortunate around the world.

Thank you

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