* A project we support has been fully funded. A family in Ethiopia is provided with 7 days worth of seeds to grow food, when we would make 4 masks. We have since chosen to fund a new project that makes new soap bars using part-used soap from hotels, and provides orphans in Indonesia with sanitation. Below is an extract from an email I got.

Happy Monday to you :) I'm Steph from the B1G1 team and I wanted to reach out today because there has been a change in project(s) in your Giving Story, Campaign or Cart: Provide Vegetable Seeds to Prevent Hunger by Free to Shine.

In a recent update received from Free to Shine, we learned that they have received enough funding for this project now and so we’ll be temporarily taking the project off the site. This is thanks to the generosity of all members! When they have the capacity again to take more funding for this project, we will then bring it back on.

* Our craft cafe is underway to being approved. Moxie is a place to take the stress out of life for all. With the benefit of learning new crafts or just having cream tea with homemade cakes.

* Business for Good. We have been with B1G1 for just over a year now and in that time we have made 2221 impacts over 9 giving periods, across 14 countries. Resulting in us providing Income Generating Tools for women to help them earn money to combat poverty and hunger for their families.

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