Plastic on the Beach

This day starts with a walk along the Thames to Greenwich.

Such a lovely day to be up early and out on a weekend full of sunshine for once in London. My walk brought me to admire the sandy beaches left behind from the tide being drawn right out. The sun was shining as you can see and it was hot, it felt as if I was on holiday abroad and not in London, UK.

When my view of joy and childhood memories was vandalized by a vision of rubbish. Everything from plastic bags and food containers to traffic cones and garden forks were strewn across the beach landscape. I saw red but was a while away from home and not dressed for such endeavors so I did all I could there and then, I walked down on to the beach and made a video about my disgust. (This is an achievement for me as someone who isn't into being filmed much and especially not in front of people looking on.) Which you see below.

From this experience I wish to make a difference and am going to start collecting rubbish from the beach down the east side of the Isle of Dogs, London once a month. I will start here as this part is all linked together when the tide is out (like in the photos) and i will be able to fit it in with my life of a full-time day job, and Couchman Bespoke as a business. If I can help clear this part of the river Thames and keep it clear for the month then it will help towards keeping the oceans clean and I can move onto other parts of the Thames. This isn't only for the esthetics of look, a clean water way means a better Eco-system for marine life to thrive, everything comes full circle. The Thames is blessed with a variety of marine life within its waterways, seals are a usual visitor around the Isle of Dogs, harbour dolphins have been seen, along with all the fish and birds that populate the full stretch of the Thames. Without this marine life the Thames will be in a dangerous place. By taking the time to clear a small patch fear of the wildlife population diminishing is greatly reduced and gives better hope to the oceans becoming less polluted.

How to reduce plastic pollution

The war of plastic pollution is in your hands by shopping with your conscious your wallet can make a change for good. By choosing recycled plastic, plastic that can be recycled or by shopping at the market, bulk/ zero waste shop and using your own containers your impact on the environment is greatly reduced. The ocean is full of plastic with plastic islands and an ocean garbage patch becoming larger by the day. Plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic cling film being the most prolific perpetrators and inhibitors on marine life and the environment Eco-system. There are plenty of alternatives to these plastics with food wraps made from cloth and beeswax, metal and bamboo straws, cloth bags, glass jars from last nights curry sauce and get a reusable water bottle.

Watch the video here

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