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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Sewing is an essential skill for life that fewer people learn due to cuts to the arts sector in schools. These skills are also being lost in families when they were once passed down, technology is taking over. At Couchman Bespoke we believe in equality to learn skills that empower people for a better future. People on low income have fewer opportunities to better themselves, especially in London with a high cost of living. Being on a low to no income is not to be sneered at as everyone has their own story behind their circumstances. This also does not mean they do not wish to learn new skills, they just often are not inspired to do so. To be given an opportunity to gain new skills shows the importance of such skills in life, and sewing is a skill that can bring in a good income to those who practice well. To others it is more a hobby that brings joy to life.

Buy 1 Sewing Lesson Forward

If you are in a fortunate position to Buy 1 Lesson Forward or more, then you are enabling someone to learn a new skill that will go towards a better future. Basic sewing skills can lead to so much potential and Couchman Bespoke will be there every step of the way. As a brand that started with nothing we are in a position to help others through the journey of developing a business idea.

Buy 1 Sewing Lesson Forward

Basic sewing skills start with the threading of a sewing machine, sewing in a straight line and sewing round a curve. From this we will move on to seams and darts. For the more confident sewers there are fastenings; buttons and buttons holes, zips and invisible zips. With the making of a garment being the final step to show how far they have come.

Buy 1 sewing Lesson Forward

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