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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Whatever you are doing to start the new year do not feel overwhelmed. We are all human and unfortunately the shops often have nothing but food in plastic up and down the aisles. There are however some great alternatives for you to use and shop with instead. , , (wonky vey), , (Birmingham), , (Hackney, London) I supported the shop during their crowdfunder, , (I personally use these as they have a wide range of products)

As with all changes in life costs are a major part of whether we change fully or not. During my plastic free changes made over the past 2 years, I have found that bar soap actually lasts longer when cut into cubes. Also the showers are then a little less too, as you do not need to fiddle with a bottle cap. I use African black soap and also have some tea tree and lavender soaps to use as well. I can not use fruit soaps so always try one before buying bulk. For the little slivers of soap I have a soap pouch that is slightly coarse to give exfoliation. I use this once a week or every second week depending and I think it is a great buy.

Body scrub is another product that is otherwise covered in plastic, and Kokomelt is perfect for this. They make body care products specialising in sports recovery.

I also use a firm bristle toothbrush from

Georganics, as the mid range didn't last too long, this has now lasted 4 months. I brought my family one each last summer and they are loving them too, especially my niece who us 4 yrs old. I use Georganics toothpaste and mouthwash too, in English peppermint. The toothpaste is great and actually is restoring my tooth enamel leaving them whiter, however the mouthwash doesn't last too long so I am looking for alternatives.

Btw none of what you are reading is paid for advertising , they are just my experiences that I wish to pass on. Not everything works for all people, from what i have found when talking to other ethical plastic free changers. Try something and give it 3 weeks to be sure, then try something else.

Another great product, i think it is great anyway, is Salt of the Earth deodorant. Star buy, it has lasted 4 months and is still going. Use on wet skin and clean all underarms of your clothes with a soap bar before washing in the machine. This makes sure everything is clear of the deodorant you use now, as that is what makes you smell. Try it.

For the times I do forget a cloth bag and have to purchase a plastic bag i will reuse it. I generally keep one as they fold up so much smaller. For any extra plastic bags I give them to YagoEco who melts them down to make jewellery. Visit

Kitchen cloths that can be washed over and over are a great alternative. Even better is a luffer sponge and dish brush, which I brought for my parents this xmas as alternatives to a foam sponge. I await news of these in the coming months once they have finished with what they are currently using. We also use a Guppy bag which you put your washing into (if not using a liquid soap put the tablet/ powder inside the bag). The Guppy bag collects all of the synthetic fibres saving them from polluting the waterways and oceans.


For other ways to buy better use the Good On You app to find out how shop rate ethically against each other.


For all the plastic you can not recycle check out put in your postcode and all local sites will be shown. You can also send bulk items to the address given. Every company should be made accountable for their waste streams not us on our streets. Remember that the triangle of arrows means recyclable , whereas the circle of arrows means the company pays into recycle schemes but is not recyclable. These can be sent back to the companies for them to deal with.

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