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Updated: Feb 13

London is now in tier 4 of the government pandemic guidelines. I do not know about you but this has sent me back in my mental state a bit due to the closeness of Christmas and the fact i now live alone. As for the business this also leaves me even more in the dark about when i can even get back to the studio. As you may know i do not live within walking distance of the studio and so things balance on my willingness of traveling in whilst keeping safe.

Aside from my business i hope that you are all well and safe. I ask for you all to think about your actions and not to bash others for theirs if they are isolating or worried.

2021 is most likely to happen with outside collections only. So i ask for you to pin any garments to fit, yourself or by a partner, i can then alter from this. Continue to book in appointments to suit you on days i have free.

Have a merry and safe Christmas and lets see how 2021 goes. Remember that you have your own common sense to guide you before the government announces anything.

Kind regards



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