Make a garment, 4 hour class.


Taking place virtually or in person.


This is a 4 hour class with a break half way through.


This class is divided into 3 sessions of 4 hours, as to not overwhelm, though a block session can be booked just ask.  Price is per 4 hours, with a break half way through the class.

Class 1: Draw a basic block for your shape and style.
Class 2: Customise block into preferred style, choose your cloth and cut.
Class 3: Sewing of garment.
Class 4: Finish sewing of garment (if needed).

Class 1:  Come over to my East London studio and learn a new skill that creates something you will use for life.  After a short intro chat we will draw up the basic block that will fit your measurements perfectly.  With a fit toile made to guarantee the fit.

Class 2:  Design:  From this any design details and changes can be made towards the final silhouette, bring all your ideas and please this research before the day.  During the day we will chat sustainable fashion.

Class 2:  Make:  This starts with the cutting of the cloth and construction of your garment.  

Class 3:  Sew:  Everything is sewn with the machine.

The class block will end with your completed garment that you made 100% using cloth that is environmentally friendly.  You will keep the design and all the paper pattern pieces that made up your garment, along with the initial block for future garments.

- For a more detailed dress design a minimum of 3 whole days or 18 hours is required.

- All equipment is provided, but not cloth.  Our sustainably sourced cloth is available to use at £15 per metre, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.


For every class booked 30 days of sustainable farm training is given to people in Madagascar, saving vital wetlands.


As a business for good we collect donations for our Pay It Forward scheme to allow for people unable to afford for classes.  Pay It Forward [here](

Learn to make your own garment


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