Make a fit block to your shape and size, in 2.5 hours.


Taking place virtually or in person.


A minimum of 5 hours is recommended for this class in order to understand the technique of origami/ paper-fold pattern making.  You will need to have a very good understanding of garment pattern making.

This class aims to concentrate on paper but you may wish to use cloth to construct in along the way.  Cloth may help you visualise the shape on a body form.

The more hours booked the more in depth we can take the sessions.  These can be booked all at once or over a few weeks/ months.

Our own sustainably sourced cloth is available to use for £15 per metre, otherwise do bring your own to use.

All equipment is provided, but not cloth. 


For every class booked 1 day of business training is given to loggers in Borneo, to help them make money that doesn't harm the rain forest.


As a business for good we collect donations for our Pay It Forward scheme to allow for people unable to afford for classes.  Pay It Forward [here](

Learn to origami garment making


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