Monthy subscription to get one alteration free every second month.  Whilst saving up monthly points towards 30% off a bespoke garment at the end of the year. 


Free alterations mean 1 shorten trouser hem, 1 take in or let out waist on trouser (not jeans), 1 plain jacket or coat sleeve shorten ( no detailing = topstitch, buttons or vents etc), 1 shirt darts adding or 5 new buttons.  Only 1 of the above will be free.


A bespoke garment means a coat (£1150), jacket (£750), trouser (£350), shirt (£250), top(£200), skirt (£350) or dress (£650), price is before discount and includes cloth, fitted to your body shape.


Alterations subscription

SKU: Sub1
  • There are no refunds available after the first subscription month.